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Sugar and SpiceSugar and Spice
ISBN: 978-1-59632-682-8
Genre: Full-figured Heroine Paranormal

Rayne Jankowski is the middle sister in a family with paranormal abilities. The problem is, she the only one without powers. Or so she believes. Unbeknown to the customers at her health food café and Rayne herself, there's something extra in her muffins, and it isn't just sugar and spice. It's her will. Rayne is unknowingly infusing her power of persuasion into these baked goods. People come in with problems and walk out with solutions, of the mystical kind that is. Unfortunately for her, her long time crush Scott Marsten is also partaking of her psychic deserts, which now leaves her to wonder if he asked her out because he's drawn to her or because she mistakenly slipped him a mojo mickey.

For the life of him, Scott can't figure out why Rayne is suddenly pushing him away. Now that he's finally had a taste of the plus size beauty, he isn't willing to just walk away. Scott believes in psychic powers almost as much as he believes in tooth fairies. He knows what he feels for Rayne is real, now if he could only convince the stubborn beauty of that.

Sugar and spice is nice...but true love is magical.

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In the CardsIn the Cards
ISBN: 978-1-59632-707-8
Genre: Multicultural Paranormal Suspense

Forrest Jankowski is the oldest child in a family with paranormal abilities. After quitting his last gig as a fortune teller he takes a job in his sister’s health food café. Unfortunately this incurs the wrath of his sister’s only other employee, Josie Weston. The little spitfire believes he’s more of a hindrance than a help. But when he has a vision of Josie in trouble he needs to convince her that his powers aren’t just an act.

Josie has a five year plan, but her business dreams seem all but doomed now that Forrest is in the mix. The annoying man obstructs her at every turn, driving her crazy with his strange ways. He reads tarot cards and thinks he can see into the future. Her attraction to the handsome man only makes his presence all the more maddening.

When she begins to suspect his vision may have a basis in reality, she realizes her life might very well be in danger. Only when the two discover the depths of their feelings for one another will they know their love was truly in the cards after all.

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