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The Myth of MoonlightThe Myth of Moonlight (co-written with Lena Matthews)
ISBN: 9781419907029
Genre: Werewolf

Kimberly Brenin has been plagued by nightmares. Dreams filled with her being chased by someone or something--the petrifying face of a Werewolf. Most would chalk up the image to that of a scary story, but Kimberly knows the truth. Werewolves are real. She knows because she is one.

Being orphaned at an early age has left Kimberly woefully naïve when it comes to Were rules and no one knows that better than Nico Cassamonti, the Alpha who governs the territory where she's recently moved.

Tired of waiting for Kimberly to approach him, Nico decides to confront the young werewolf. As Benandanti of his pack, Nico is furious that she would dare come to his land. Every Were worth their pelt knows it is against Lycan Law for any Werewolf to come into another's territory without first gaining permission or making an offering and Kimberly had done neither.

The feisty beauty is a handful and much to Nico's amazement completely unknowledgeable about the world they live in. Even more astonishing, Kimberly has no idea that she is coming into her heat…

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Shadow of MoonlightShadow of Moonlight (co-written with Lena Matthews)
ISBN: 9781419912481
Genre: Werewolf

Remington is a solider first and a woman second. She’s fought hard to earn her place as Venator for her pack. The safety of her Benandanti comes first, even before her own wants and desires. There isn’t a Were alive who can make her feel any differently. Then again, Jace McClellen isn’t an ordinary Werewolf.

Thanks to the roll of the genetic dice, Jace possesses all the strength of a Werewolf but not the ability to change. Instead he’s been given the annoying talent to dream a fortune-cookie future. A future filled with more questions than answers and a dream sidekick who aggravates more than he helps.

The one thing he doesn’t need his visions to tell him is he and Remington are meant to be together. She is his mate, whether she wants to admit it or not. The determined Werewolf is as beautiful as she is stubborn, and despite what she thinks, all his. Now the only thing he has to do is convince Remington.

Reader Advisory: While this novel is a stand-alone, for better reader enjoyment we recommend reading Myth of Moonlight first.

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