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Forbidden FunForbidden Fun
ISBN-13: 9781419961847
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Ménage, Voyeurism


Every night, Stacey's condo superintendent partakes in a little outdoor loving, and her balcony is the best seat in town. But she's not the only one watching—so is her sexy new neighbor. After a night of shared voyeuristic pleasure, Raferty invites her to Club VoyEx, where they explore her fantasies further. But Stacey needs to know their connection is more than just sexual. Luckily for her, Raferty's just the man to prove it.

Hotter Than the Fourth of July

When Toni confesses her fantasy to be with two men, instead of being jealous, her fiancé Deacon is intrigued. Fate plays a hand when his best friend Lincoln blows into town for the Independence Day celebrations. The three of them grew up together, and Linc is the perfect candidate to help Deacon fulfill Toni's fantasy. Once he convinces him, fireworks will fly as he sets the stage to make all of her dreams come true.

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Coming Full CircleComing Full Circle
ISBN eBook: 978-1-60504-756-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-60504-770-6
Genre: Contemporary Romance

They’ve waited ten years. Will they finally gain everything they ever desired…and more?

There’s only one bright spot Jasmine Hayes can see when she’s suckered into helping plan her high school reunion. At least she’ll be able to reconnect with old friends Chase Randolph and Alex Landry. There’s nothing she regrets more than losing touch with those two handsome guys.

Chase and Alex hadn’t planned to attend the reunion, but the chance to see Jasmine again has Chase intrigued. Alex is his best friend and love of his life, but Jasmine will always be the girl who got away.

One instant message is all it takes to center Alex’s thoughts on a lusty reunion with Jasmine. He’s extremely happy with Chase, but she’s always been the girl of his dreams. He can’t help but wonder if the chemistry the three of them had in high school is still there.

Renewing old ties, however, puts triple the strain on some old ones. The choice they face is which ones to risk severing—and which ones are worth keeping.

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Taboo Treats - Hankie PankieTaboo Treats - Hankie Pankie
ISBN: 9781419958342
Genre: Quickie / Halloween / BDSM

When Amie Taggert discovers an invitation for a BDSM Halloween party on her boyfriend's computer, she's concerned he's unsatisfied with their relationship. Wanting to show him she's willing to try anything once, Amie signs them up. Imagine her surprise when she discovers he's clueless about the event.

Eric Hammond wonders if this is Amie's way of saying she's interested in spicing up their love life. He's more than willing to be adventuresome in the bedroom.

If the exotic rooms at the club are any indication, Halloween will be a night of hankie pankie neither will forget.

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The Wedding Dress - Sixpence in Her ShoeThe Wedding Dress - A Sixpence in Her Shoe
ISBN: 1599982811
Genre: Erotic Contemporary; Suspense

Melanie Parsons is a curator at the Smithsonian, specializing in nineteenth and twentieth century artifacts. A rash of burglaries causes Brady Torres, a member of United Americas Security, to be called in to investigate.

Melanie comes from a Traditionalist family, a fundamental group of individuals who want to return to the ideals of an earlier time. Although she doesn’t believe in those ideals, especially when it comes to marriage, she has two little secrets. She loves for a man to control her in the bedroom and the particular man she is longing to take that control is none other than Agent Brady Torres.

The UAS believes Traditionalists are behind the burglaries, but Brady is not sold on the idea and proposes they use a wedding dress from the 1800s as bait to capture the thieves. The dress, from Melanie’s own family, is the one thing that keeps Brady believing he might have a chance with Melanie. He figures she wouldn’t keep the dress around if she didn’t secretly harbor a desire to find true love and marry for a lifetime.

If Brady loses the dress to the thieves will he also lose his chance with Melanie?

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Myths and ShadowsMyths and Shadows
ISBN: 9781419957413
Genre: Werewolf

The Myth of Moonlight (co-written with Lena Matthews)

Kimberly Brenin has been plagued by nightmares. Dreams filled with her being chased by someone or something--the petrifying face of a Werewolf. Most would chalk up the image to that of a scary story, but Kimberly knows the truth. Werewolves are real. She knows because she is one.

Being orphaned at an early age has left Kimberly woefully naïve when it comes to Were rules and no one knows that better than Nico Cassamonti, the Alpha who governs the territory where she's recently moved.

Tired of waiting for Kimberly to approach him, Nico decides to confront the young werewolf. As Benandanti of his pack, Nico is furious that she would dare come to his land. Every Were worth their pelt knows it is against Lycan Law for any Werewolf to come into another's territory without first gaining permission or making an offering and Kimberly had done neither.

The feisty beauty is a handful and much to Nico's amazement completely unknowledgeable about the world they live in. Even more astonishing, Kimberly has no idea that she is coming into her heat…

Shadow of Moonlight (co-written with Lena Matthews)

Remington is a solider first and a woman second. She’s fought hard to earn her place as Venator for her pack. The safety of her Benandanti comes first, even before her own wants and desires. There isn’t a Were alive who can make her feel any differently. Then again, Jace McClellen isn’t an ordinary Werewolf.

Thanks to the roll of the genetic dice, Jace possesses all the strength of a Werewolf but not the ability to change. Instead he’s been given the annoying talent to dream a fortune-cookie future. A future filled with more questions than answers and a dream sidekick who aggravates more than he helps.

The one thing he doesn’t need his visions to tell him is he and Remington are meant to be together. She is his mate, whether she wants to admit it or not. The determined Werewolf is as beautiful as she is stubborn, and despite what she thinks, all his. Now the only thing he has to do is convince Remington.

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Veterans - Through the FireVeterans - Through the Fire
ISBN: 1596326735
Genre: Multicultural Erotic Contemporary

Baldwin Garrett for all intents and purposes should consider himself a lucky man. After surviving a tour in Iraq he was finally home. But instead he’s riddled with guilt and despair. As a young man he spurned his parent’s wealth, looking down on their power and influence. Now as an injured Vet he readily accepted their help to get the best possible medical care available. An option that wasn’t available to his fellow comrades in arms. His guilt has overpowered him to the point he’s pushing everyone away.

Kena Rutherford was hired by Baldwin’s mother to open his house. She unwisely decides to take a skinny dip in the pool, only to be discovered by him due to his early arrival home. Although he’s a bit surly, she’s intrigued by this man who seemingly has everything, but is despondent about his life. She doesn't let their boss/employee relationship get in the way of her speaking her mind.

Baldwin finds Kena’s sassy disposition and sharp words fire his desire like no other woman he’s ever met. Can she pull him through the fire of his despair and make him see how blessed he truly is?

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