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A Sixpence in Her ShoeA Sixpence in Her Shoe
ISBN: 1599982811
Genre: Erotic Contemporary; Suspense

Book Three of the Wedding Dress Series

Melanie Parsons is a curator at the Smithsonian, specializing in nineteenth and twentieth century artifacts. A rash of burglaries causes Brady Torres, a member of United Americas Security, to be called in to investigate.

Melanie comes from a Traditionalist family, a fundamental group of individuals who want to return to the ideals of an earlier time. Although she doesn’t believe in those ideals, especially when it comes to marriage, she has two little secrets. She loves for a man to control her in the bedroom and the particular man she is longing to take that control is none other than Agent Brady Torres.

The UAS believes Traditionalists are behind the burglaries, but Brady is not sold on the idea and proposes they use a wedding dress from the 1800s as bait to capture the thieves. The dress, from Melanie’s own family, is the one thing that keeps Brady believing he might have a chance with Melanie. He figures she wouldn’t keep the dress around if she didn’t secretly harbor a desire to find true love and marry for a lifetime.

If Brady loses the dress to the thieves will he also lose his chance with Melanie?

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Wounded HeartsWounded Hearts
ISBN: 978-1-59632-493-0
Genre: BDSM Full-Figured Heroine Erotic Contemporary

Erin Riley receives a "Dear Jane" letter just days before her fiancé is due home after two years away on active duty. Angry at first, she convinces herself it must be because she's overweight while he's become a honed military hunk. Determined to convince him he's just forgotten what he was missing on the home front, she screws up her courage and sets out to seduce him despite her own misgivings about her figure. But she's surprised to discover Patrick is a changed man. No longer her loving high school sweetheart, he's harder and she discovers he has a dark side. Although he succumbs to her lush charms, he remains adamant their engagement should remain broken. Fortunately, Erin isn't someone who gives up easily.

Patrick O'Rourke has seen a lot during his two years away. After a tragic incident, he's convinced he's no good for anyone, especially his innocent young fiancée. He's not the same man he was two years ago and he doesn't want to defile Erin with his needs and desires. But from the moment he walks through the door, she makes it perfectly clear she's not going anywhere and she's unwilling to surrender without a fight. He tries to scare her away, allowing the dark side of his personality to take over. Instead of running away, however, Erin embraces the new experiences he offers.

Good communication and some hot, unconventional sex - that's what it takes to heal two wounded hearts.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal sex, bondage, Domination/submission, spanking.

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Hankie PankieHankie Pankie
ISBN: 9781419912832
Genre: Quickie / Halloween / BDSM

When Amie Taggert discovers an invitation for a BDSM Halloween party on her boyfriend's computer, she's concerned he's unsatisfied with their relationship. Wanting to show him she's willing to try anything once, Amie signs them up. Imagine her surprise when she discovers he's clueless about the event.

Eric Hammond wonders if this is Amie's way of saying she's interested in spicing up their love life. He's more than willing to be adventuresome in the bedroom.

If the exotic rooms at the club are any indication, Halloween will be a night of hankie pankie neither will forget.

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Through the FireThrough the Fire
ISBN: 978-1-59632-305-6
Genre: Multicultural Erotic Contemporary

Baldwin Garrett for all intents and purposes should consider himself a lucky man. After surviving a tour in Iraq he was finally home. But instead he’s riddled with guilt and despair. As a young man he spurned his parent’s wealth, looking down on their power and influence. Now as an injured Vet he readily accepted their help to get the best possible medical care available. An option that wasn’t available to his fellow comrades in arms. His guilt has overpowered him to the point he’s pushing everyone away.

Kena Rutherford was hired by Baldwin’s mother to open his house. She unwisely decides to take a skinny dip in the pool, only to be discovered by him due to his early arrival home. Although he’s a bit surly, she’s intrigued by this man who seemingly has everything, but is despondent about his life. She doesn't let their boss/employee relationship get in the way of her speaking her mind.

Baldwin finds Kena’s sassy disposition and sharp words fire his desire like no other woman he’s ever met. Can she pull him through the fire of his despair and make him see how blessed he truly is?

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The GiftThe Gift (co-written with Lena Matthews)
Ellora's Cave
eISBN 9781419926754
Genre: Erotic Contemporary, I/R, Ménage

Ethan Neilson will do anything for his twin brother. Even father the child Benjamin is unable to with the woman they both love. All their lives, the brothers have shared everything—everything but the woman who matters most.

After several failed attempts to conceive a child, Hannah desperately wants a break. A weekend getaway to celebrate the birthdays of the two men she loves seems like the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.

Benjamin knows Ethan and Hannah love one another, just as he knows the three of them together forever is the way it always should have been. Now the only thing he has to do is convince his brother and wife. Having a child would be wonderful, but sharing his wife's heart and body with his brother is the gift Benjamin wants most of all.

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