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Rock You like a HurricaneRock You like a Hurricane
co-written with Lena Matthews
Samhain Publishing
March 27, 2012
Genre: Gay/Erotic Contemporary
Series: Stormy Weather, Book 1
Length: Novella

Emergency kit: Flashlight, check. Radio, check. One lover and a spare, double check.

So much for being her knight in shining armor. Much to Greg's irritation, someone else got to his girlfriend Olivia's house first: the other man in her life, wise-cracking Jack Randall. Never mind that the open relationship idea was his—what he really wants is Olivia all to himself. Now that they're trapped together, though, getting Jack out of the picture is a problem.

Olivia has never been a fan of storms, but right now the only thing more uncomfortable than the one raging outside is the one brewing beneath her own roof. Although she's thrilled to have both her lovers there to help her endure the hurricane, the friction between them is threatening to turn this into a very bad night.

Jack is more amused than annoyed. There's not a doubt in his mind that after all is said and done, Olivia will pick him. How can she not? Out of the two of them, Jack is the one who is ready to close the door on their open relationship. All he has to do first is get rid of the uptight professor.

Easier said than done...

Product Warnings: Two men who don't like sharing their toys, a heroine who doesn't see why she can't have her cake and eat it too. Stormy weather can bring out all kinds of wild behavior.

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